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North Texas Conchological Society

A Dallas-based club for shell enthusiasts and collectors

The Society promotes and stimulates an interest in shells and malacology, as well as in the preservation of natural habitats. Members have diverse interests in specimen shell collecting, seashell art, and other aspects of snails, clams, opisthobranchs and other mollusks.

Emphasis is on marine mollusks, but freshwater, land and fossil mollusks are also included in our fields of interest.

Activities of the Society include:
  • Educational programs on sea shells
  • Workshops on species identification
  • Publication of the Conch Courier newsletter
  • Opportunities to buy, sell and trade sea shells
  • Social gatherings of North Texas shell enthusiasts
  • Domestic and international shelling trips
  • Field trips for fossil shell collecting
Searching for the elusive mitchelli
Meetings are normally at the Dallas Museum of Natural History, located in Fair Park in Dallas, Texas, on the third Sunday afternoon of each month at 1:30 p.m. The specific calendar of events is available by contacting Charmaine Betancourt at 214-636-3549 or charmzf@yahoo.com

The Society is a member of Conchologists of America.

NTCS Membership Information

For more information about joining our society, please see our membership application. Guests are always welcome at a meeting. Membership includes a subscription to our Conch Courier newsletter.

Brazos mussel collecting

Newsletter Exchange

The North Texas Conchological Society offers to exchange newsletters with other shell collecting, conchology and malacology clubs on a subscription basis. To initiate a newsletter exchange, send a recent issue of your club's newsletter and a short note requesting a newsletter exchange to NTCS at the address listed on our membership application above. Failure to receive two consecutive issues of an exchange newsletter will terminate the exchange agreement.

Fossil shell

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